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Fact-checking as digital media literacy in higher education

23 views 27. april 2022

Presentation of the article by Sirkku Kotilainen, Siling Tekoniemi, Mari Maasilta, Kirsti Lempiäinen. Published in Seminar.net Vol. 18 No 1 (2022). Read online at https://doi.org/10.7577/seminar.4689

Master in smart mobility and urban analysis (SMUA)

63 views 28. februar 2022

Here you will get a presentation of our brand new master programme in Smart mobility and urban analysis (SMUA)

Lunsjpåfyll: Mental Health and Pandemics

71 views 29. oktober 2021

What can we learn from the history of pandemics and the Covid-19 situation? Listen to a selection of pandemic studies at OsloMet. Meet our researchers from the Centre for Research on Pandemics Society (PANSOC) at Oslo Metropolitan University. They will focus on what we can learn from historic pandemics and the situation during Covid-19. This...

30 years of ICT in education: reflecting on educational technology projects

91 views 24. november 2020

Presentation of the article by Rachel Shanks, published in Seminar.net Vol. 16 No 2 (2020). Read online at https://doi.org/10.7577/seminar.4047

What and where – how to find the information you are searching for

121 views 8. september 2020

What kind of information do you need, and where do you best search for it.

Field searching

87 views 8. september 2020

What is field searching and how do you use it

Phrase searching

102 views 8. september 2020

What is phrase searching and how do you use it


109 views 8. september 2020

Searching techniques: What is truncation and how do you use it