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3R Zimbabwe

769 views 2. desember 2020

3r Zimbabwe explores issues related to risk, resilience and resistance of Journalists in Zimbabwe based on practising journalists' personal experiences. Thanks to: McTain Media,Safety of Journalists Conference OsloMet, Cite ZW. Produced by:Mercy Mangwana Mubayiwa, who is a film academic and practitioner from Zimbabwe. She enjoys telling...

Risk Resilience and Resistance Journalism and journalists in Brazil in continous resistance

597 views 20. november 2020

This short doc aims to contextualize and introduce the growing attacks against journalism and journalists in Brazil, the risks they are exposed and how they are building resilience and resistance against the threats. Produced by: A partnership between University of Sao Paulo – Scholl of Journalism and Publishing and Reporter Brasil - NGO...

They will not silence our voices (No callarán nuestras voces)

312 views 19. november 2020

The film explores the threats and gender violence towards Mexican female journalists. Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in which to practice journalism, within this context, female journalists face a double challenge: in the first place, working in a country with a high level of hostility towards this profession and, secondly, the...

Making or Faking

903 views 19. november 2020

This video documentary explores issues related to fake news and disinformation and its impact on journalism practices in the mainstream media in Bangladesh. The author (producer and director) takes a qualitative approach and performs a set of key informant interviews to illustrate critical documentation and insights about the issue in...

Journalism in Colombia: From Risk to Resilience

626 views 19. november 2020

This documentary narrates the current situation of journalists in Colombia. Living in a country with many unresolved problems after an armed conflict that lasted more than 50 years, journalists are continuously exposed to risks and dangers. Illegal groups have resorted to massacres, around 70 in total this year, to intimidate civilians and gain...

Forsaken Heroes of COVID-19

181 views 19. november 2020

This video aims to showcase the importance and prominence of the image and video (Photo/Video journalist) during the time of crisis which is in most cases taken as secondary to the main traditional duties (processes) of journalism. This video is about the resilience of Nepali Photo and Video journalist during the pandemic of COVID-19 and how...

Against the tide. Surviving being a journalist in Mexico

978 views 19. november 2020

Mexico is one of the riskiest countries to practice journalism, however, journalists build mechanisms to guarantee their safety without depending on the government. By changing the logic towards building networks and communities of support, the results are different. Thanks to: Gisela Delgadillo, Marina Álamo, Rodrigo Caballero, Daniela Rea y...

End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalism

353 views 29. oktober 2020

Journalism can be a dangerous profession. What you report and what you uncover can result in you losing your job it can mean imprisonment, and ultimately it can get you killed Every fourth day a journalist or media worker lose their life due to the job they do In nine out of ten cases the crimes are not investigated and the guilty go unpunished

Stopp straffefrihet for drap på journalister!

657 views 28. oktober 2020

Kjente norske journalister forteller om farene ved å rapportere om viktige saker. 1000 journalister er drept på 10 år 9 av 10 drap blir aldri oppklart

Lydbom til MOK HD

153 views 16. september 2020

Filmen syner korleis du bruker ein lydbom. Denne filmen er laga for bruk på grunnkurset; MOK, multimedial produksjon 1700.

Tilkobling av kondensator mikrofon MOK HD

191 views 15. september 2020

Filmen syner korleis ein kobler til kondensatormikrofon til videokamera og korleis ein sett lydnivå. Denne filmen er laga for bruk på grunnkurset; MOK, multimedial produksjon 1700.