Journalism in Colombia: From Risk to Resilience

This documentary narrates the current situation of journalists in Colombia. Living in a country with many unresolved problems after an armed conflict that lasted more than 50 years, journalists are continuously exposed to risks and dangers. Illegal groups have resorted to massacres, around 70 in total this year, to intimidate civilians and gain control of territory, and several journalists have been killed. Many others have to resort to self-censorship or exile to protect their lives. At the same time, concern remains about the quality of public information received by citizens and the strength of democracy in the country. The documentary features Jineth Bedoya, Fidel Cano, Jonathan Bock, and Héctor Abad Faciolince. 

Thanks to: Jineth Bedoya, Fidel Cano, Jonathan Bock, and Héctor Abad Faciolince provided us with their testimonies.

Produced by: Marta Milena Barrios and Oscar Arias-Diaz. Marta Milena Barrios is an Associate Professor at the School of Communication and Journalism at Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla, Colombia. Before joining academia, she was a radio and television reporter. Her academic interests include the study of the relation between Colombian society and informative media. She teaches and researches journalism, political conflict coverage, gender stereotypes, and disaster risk management. Her articles have been published in journals as Feminist Media Studies, Journalism, Journalism Studies, Journalism Practice, Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies, and Revista Española de Comunicación en Salud.

In Barranquilla Colombia, Oscar Arias-Diaz is a doctoral student in Communications and an adjunct lecturer on screenwriting and film production at the School of Communication and Journalism at Universidad del Norte. He has a Masters degree in Film Directing from the University of Barcelona. His research interest includes the Latino filmmakers in the industry and Colombia´s national film industry and social networks.