Risks, Resistance, Resilience – South African Journalists fight back

The COVID-19 Pandemic has heightened the focus on safety of Journalists in South Africa after numerous incidents of intimidation and police brutality have been reported formally by the South African National Editors Forum. We meet Azarrah Karrims, a journalist who survived getting shot at by the police and reflect on the general safety of journalists and incidents that have brought their personal safety in danger while in the line of duty.

Thanks to: Tseliso Monaheng, Lukhanyo Calata, Modise Mpye, Azarrah Karrim.

Produced by: Sara Chitambo who is a filmmaker and spokesperson for Sisters Working in Film and TV. She started off her broadcast career as an insert producer and director in Television. She holds a degree in Digital Documentary from Sussex University. As a director, Sara Chitambo is passionate about telling authentic, emotionally compelling stories and serious about continually mastering her craft as a storyteller.