Forsaken Heroes of COVID-19

This video aims to showcase the importance and prominence of the image and video (Photo/Video journalist) during the time of crisis which is in most cases taken as secondary to the main traditional duties (processes) of journalism. This video is about the resilience of Nepali Photo and Video journalist during the pandemic of COVID-19 and how they managed to keep performing their duties despites numerous challenges they faced. In Nepal, these Photo and Video journalist has never had free time even during the lockdown and was always on duty. Hence, through this case study video, the works of Photo and Video journalists have been depicted and one can see in this video how they struggled to inform people keeping their life in risk during the first 3 months of the lockdown in Nepal using the ‘Journalism in Crisis’ concept.

Thanks to: All Photo and Video Journalists, Media Houses, My Media Friends and Family.

Produced by: Kriti Bhuju from Nepal – she is a doctoral candidate at the Communication University of China. Her research interest includes international and development communication, new media and technology and media literacy. She has presented papers at national and international conferences mostly on topics related to communication theories, media literacy, online media ethics and journalist’s safety. She is a former journalist and a development communicator. She has published many news articles on economic and development issues and international relations. She also worked as a team member for developing communication strategies in an international organization. This is her first video project made by herself. Prior to this, she had jointly worked with other videographers to make different case story videos for development organization.