Journalistikk- og mediefag

International Day for Universal Access to Information Gala Dinner

102 views 22. oktober 2019

On 25th and 26th September 2019, ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa in collaboration with UNESCO and the Journalism Media International Center of OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway, sought to undertake two major activities in commemoration of the “International Day of Universal Access to Information 2019”.

"Journalism outside in: A memoir of power, authority and identity", Alfred Hermida

34 views 16. oktober 2019

This talk offers a personal memoir through journalistic power, authority and identity, drawing on his professional experience at the BBC and Hermida’s scholarly work on participatory journalism, social media and journalism innovation. Constant threads through his professional and scholarly work are questions of power, authority and identity in...

"Investigating Algorithmic Content Curation in an Age of Polarization", Mario Haim

37 views 16. oktober 2019

Computational journalism, that is, the „finding, telling and dissemination of news stories with, by, or about algorithms” (Diakopoulos Koliska, 2017, p. 810), has gained lots of traction over the last couple of years. Phenomena, such as automated journalism, the influence of audience analytics, filter bubbles and echo chambers, the diffusion of...

Journalism, place, space and territory in digital times.

50 views 30. september 2019

This presentation by Kristy Hess (Deakin University, Australia) argues for the study of place, space and territory as a necessary trichotomy in studies of journalism in the digital age. Spaces become places when bestowed with meaning or significance by those whom engage with them – that much we have learned from interdisciplinary studies from...

Stephen Quinn-Television news with only a smartphone and drone

290 views 22. januar 2019

Presentation by Stephen Quinn, Professor, Kristiania University College Moderator: Oscar Westlund, professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University Television news is expensive to produce. News organisations are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs. Filming, editing and producing news with...