1 of 3 Ifla 2020 March 5th - Day one - Before lunch

Published 2020

Connecting and Empowering Library Publishers: An International

Knowledge Exchange.

  1. Opening - Lars Egeland.
  2. Welcome - Ann Okerson, IFLA Professional Committee and SIG Library Publishing

Library Publishing Platforms

  1. Drupal as a Library Publishing Platform 
- Allyson Laird - Penn State University Libraries (USA)
  2. Vega: Starting a new OA academic publishing platform
 - Cheryl E. Ball - Wayne State University Libraries (USA)
  3. Shaping the Future of Scholarly Publishing: Library Participation in Enhancing Open Infrastructure
 - Marisa MacDonald - Public Knowledge Project (Canada).
  4. Why operate a platform like tidsskrift.dk – the Danish National Open Access Platform?
 - Jesper Boserup Thestrup - Royal Danish Library (Denmark)
  5. University Journals: A collaborative open access publishing platform owned by universities and linked to repositories
 - Max Haring - University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  6. Questions
  7. Publication Density Problem: Publishing to bring attention to your work
 - Elena Danilova and Kathleen Smeaton – The University of Queensland Library (Australia)