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Website Preferences of Finnish and Mexican University Students: A Cross-Cultural Study

54 views 7. mars 2022

Presentation of the article by Miguel Santiago and Pirkko Hyvönen, published in Seminar.net Vol. 11 No 3 (2015). Read online at https://doi.org/10.7577/seminar.2350

They will not silence our voices (No callarán nuestras voces)

244 views 19. november 2020

The film explores the threats and gender violence towards Mexican female journalists. Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in which to practice journalism, within this context, female journalists face a double challenge: in the first place, working in a country with a high level of hostility towards this profession and, secondly, the...

Against the tide. Surviving being a journalist in Mexico

922 views 19. november 2020

Mexico is one of the riskiest countries to practice journalism, however, journalists build mechanisms to guarantee their safety without depending on the government. By changing the logic towards building networks and communities of support, the results are different. Thanks to: Gisela Delgadillo, Marina Álamo, Rodrigo Caballero, Daniela Rea y...